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CATZ® Dry Gin 48,2 %

With great pride, we present CATZ®  Dry Gin, distilled and developed in part by one of the oldest family-owned distilleries in the Netherlands. This company has long been known for its tradition and craftsmanship and is one of the very few distilleries that may carry the 'World Class Distillery' label. For over 225 years, the distillery in Schiedam has been distilling its own gins and other spirits in small copper pot stills. 

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CATZ® Dry Gin & Tonic

Fill a nice Copa Cabana glass with ice cubes. Rub a slice of lemon around the rim of the glass and squeeze it out over the ice. Now pour 50 ml of CATZ®  Dry Gin into the glass. Add 200 ml of premium quality tonic and a stirring stick of liquorice.


Pour three equal parts of Campari, Martini Riserva Speciale Rubino and CATZ®  Dry Gin into a tumbler with ice. Garnish this with an orange peel.


Start with the fresh juice of half a lemon. Add a small dash of sugar syrup (max. 10 ml). Then add 45 ml of CATZ®  Dry Gin with crushed ice and stir gently. Now add 15 ml of bramble liqueur. Garnish with mint and/or bramble. This comes highly recommended by the IBA, the International Bartenders Association. CATZ®  Dry Gin adds a distinctive quality to long drinks and cocktails.


Door 74 Amsterdam

“With its genever style shape and bottle colour, memories of the classic dutch heritage come forward. However, this is a damn fresh gin created carefully by our industry’s veterans. Enjoy!”

- Timo Janse -

Bistrobar Indonesia Haarlem

“Het is gewoon een ontzettend goed en mooi product. Maar ik verwacht niet anders, want de mensen erachter doen het uit kwaliteit en liefde voor het product. Niet uit winstbejag. Chapeau voor jou en het hele team achter Catz!"

- Thierry Smagge -

Mister Cocktail

“Zelden heb ik een distillaat met zoveel zorg en aandacht zien ontstaan. Van het selecteren van de juiste botanicals tot aan het ontwerpen van een eigen fles, er is nergens een concessie gedaan om precies dat te bereiken wat de oprichters voor ogen hadden. Het getuigt van doorzettingsvermogen en inzicht om, in een tijd waarin elke week een nieuwe gin verschijnt, een product op de markt te brengen dat echt iets nieuws biedt, zowel voor de thuisdrinker als voor de professionele mixer."

- Albert van Beeck Calkoen -

Dutch Dry Gin

CATZ®  Dry Gin is a new gin that brings an old Dutch brand back to life. A Dutch gin that is exceptionally aromatic and versatile, robust and balanced. A gin that melds all of the classical aspects in its own distinctive way in a unique palette of special botanicals. A gin that has been slowly developed over the past years, making no concessions in attaining its final quality.

CATZ me if you can

Own taste

By way of the individual distillation in copper kettles, the taste of each botanical comes to its optimal, full right. Individually, these botanicals can be clearly identified when tasted, but in combination, complex layers are formed with entirely new flavours. This makes CATZ®  Dry Gin suitable for novice gin drinkers and at the same time, a gin full of complexities for the aficionados.

Tasting note

The gin is fresh and slightly sweet to the nose: vanilla, orange and junipers with a hint of Earl Grey tea and a light salty aroma of angelica root. In the mouth, the gin slowly reveals its flavours: first the tones of bergamot, coriander and juniper. This is soon followed by the sweet and herbal tones of citrus, creamy vanilla and cinnamon with a light peppery finish wherein a subtle cardamom can be perceived. The finish is quite long, with soft tones of sweet citrus, juniper and a hint of anise delivering a rich reminder of the CATZ®  Dry Gin palette.

Robust gin

All our distillates are carefully blended and bottled at an unusually strong alcohol level of 48.2%. The mingling of the tastes and aromas with this high percentage provide an extraordinary palette and makes CATZ®  Dry Gin one of the strongest gins available. CATZ®  Dry Gin is a tribute to the rich history of distillation in the Netherlands. For more than 400 years, our small country has been among the finest distillers in the world.


Catz Dry Gin op

"Tja, zet je un chat jaune op een fles, dan zijn wij al gauw om.
Maar de Hollandse gin is meer dan de kat zelf. Hij geurt, smaakt en kleurt zelfs als een citroentje. Vinden we lekker."


CATZ Dry Gin abri campagne

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